Dried Bottle Gourd Al Hach 400g

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The glucose and sugar related compounds are nearly nil in the bottle gourd

Kashmir is known for its cuisine, most popularly by wazwan. However the vegetable delights of Kashmir cuisine are no lesser in taste or flavor. Kashmir is popular for its dried vegetable dishes as well, popularly known as ‘Hokh Syun’, which are relished by all, and are awesome in taste.. Rich in distinctive flavor, dried bottle gourd has a high nutritional value. Drying out the water content increases the intensity of both texture & flavor & assures no microbial growth. We present to you the best quality dried Bottle Gourd (Al Hac’h) which is organically grown, and then sun dried under hygienic conditions with proper care & nourishment.. Health Benefits of Al Ha’ch:. • The gluco

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